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Western | 1974 | 1:13
Western | 1939 | :57

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Western | 1971 | 1:34

A Native American born US Army officer¸ Captain Apache¸ uncovers a presidential assassination plot while investigating a murder.

western | 1940 | 0:54

Roy robs stagecoaches to find information on the whereabouts of his brother's killer. Worst idea ever.

Spaghetti Western | 1978 | 1:38

A rancher standing in the way of the railroad getting his property is slated for killing by a convict who will escape the hangman’s noose if he does the job.

Western | 1940 | :57

A Union officer struggles with a trouble making gang.

Western | 1956 | 1:16

Daniel Boone leads settlers into Kentucky¸ but must battle Shawnee Indians who have been persuaded by a French renegade that Boone and the settlers are there to kill them and steal their land.

Western | 1952 | :30

Watch the origins of the Lone Ranger and find out who that masked man really is.

Western | 1975 | 1:32

James Caan plays an ex-prisoner who seeks revenge on fat cat town boss Ray. He comes across Indian Powers¸ who’s been victimized herself by Ray and his town full of deplorable¸ violent¸ whiskey-sodden cowboys.

Spaghetti Western | 1963 | 1:37

An avenging stranger guns down a gang of ruthless bandits in revenge for the murder of his family.

Western | 1937 | 0:59

Dare Rudd (The Duke)¸ a cocky cowpoke ¸ and his sidekick are on their way to Montana when they are hired for a cattle drive.

Western | 1937 | :58

”And there was Buh-Looood on the saddle...”