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Science Fiction | 1927 | 1:57
Sci Fi / Comedy | 1987 | 1:31
Science Fiction | 1961 | 1:24

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Sci Fi | 1976 | 1:44

A scientist doing experiments on a human fetus discovers a method to accelerate the fetus into a mature adult in just a few days...

Horror / Sci Fi | 1985 | 1:27

A young television director feels like his life has become too routine, but Janice will change that forever. She's a worshipper of black magic and the occult and soon teaches him some of the finer and more fatal aspects of her area of interest.

scifi, animation | 1973 | 1:12

In the world of the Draags, humans are as small as mice and treated as pests.

Science Fiction | 1962 | 1:19

A mysterious magnetic spool found during a construction project is discovered to have originated from Venus.

Science Fiction | 1955 | :26

After witnessing the destruction of five planets, Dr. Zarkov determines that the explosions were created by a nuclear bomb fueled by a material that takes hundreds of years to explode.

Science Fiction | 1954 | :26

Dr. Zarkoff's request to test his new anti-gravitation device on a remote planet is denied because of the mysterious deaths of most of a recent scientific expedition that recently explored the world.

Science Fiction | 1955 | :26

Flash is captured by the evil witch of Neptune and she plans on using the brain machine on them again.

Science Fiction | 1985 | 1:19

An alien is hunted by a gang of drunken hillbillies who saw him crash-land his spaceship.

Science Fiction | 1966 | 1:26

The super-monster even the H-bomb cannot destroy...

Science Fiction | 1980 | 1:37

Shortly after the launch of a satellite from a space shuttle the satellite collides with a UFO in front of the crew’s eyes...