Invasion Of The Bee Girls

Science Fiction

Image previewInvasion of the Bee Girls, the mother of all "Alien Girls Love Men to Death" movies. By today's standards it is both campy and untamed. It has some nice combinations of warning signs and sex. The viewer knows something is wrong and that the males should flee... but they don't, until it's too late.

In the small town of Peckham, California, many men die for excessive effort during sexual intercourse. When a scientist from the Brandt research laboratory is found dead in a motel, the government sends Agent Neil Agar (William Smith) to investigate the mysterious deaths. He suspects that the deaths may be related to some experiments of Dr. Susan Harris (Anitra Ford), who is researching bees in the Brandt facility.

Directed by: Denis Sanders

Staring: William Smith, Anitra Ford and Victoria Vetri