China 9 Liberty 37

Spaghetti Western

Condemned gunman Clayton is given a last minute reprieve on condition he murders rancher Matthew for a railway company. Visiting Matthew’s ranch¸ Clayton is unable to bring himself to kill Matthew and leaves¸ but Matthew’s wife¸ Catherine¸ believing she has killed Matthew during an argument joins Clayton. Matthew¸ still alive¸ and mad as hell joins Clayton’s equally angered employers to hunt down the pair.

Starring: Warren Oates¸ Fabio Testi¸ Jenny Agutter¸ Sam Peckinpah

Directed By: Monte Hellman¸ Tony Brandt

Alternate Titles: China 9¸ Liberty 37 (USA) Clayton & Catherine Clayton Drumm (Spain) Gunfire (USA) (video title) Love¸ Bullets and Frenzy