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Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:30
Kung-Fu | 1971 | 1:10
Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:28

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Kung-Fu | 1982 | 1:33

Agent 00 (Weng-Weng) is an agent long on skills in spite of being short on size. The Chief sends him in the pursuit of Mr X, an arch villain with a white sock on his head, who is holding the Philippines to ransom.

Kung-Fu | 1984 | 1:38

Mr Soh, a righteous man with a cold stare and fists of steel, returns to a lawless post-war Japan in 1946. He protects the weak, defends the poor and knocks some good sense into friends and enemies alike.

Kung-Fu | 1976 | 1:30

With invaders overrunning the land¸ the defeated Ming Emperor decides to commit suicide to prevent his capture...

Kung-Fu | 1977 | 1:32

Believing her husband to be dead a young woman, pregnant with her husband’s child, throws herself off of a cliff. Landing in a tree branch, she survives the fall and awakes to find a befriending tiger beneath the tree.