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Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:30
Kung-Fu | 1971 | 1:10
Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:28

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Kun-Fu | 1976 | 1:23

The story involves the military conquest of a peaceful island-nation by an evil despot and his sorcerer ally.

Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:28

Takuma ”Terry” Tsurugi returns. In this sequel¸ he sets out to bust up a phony charity put together by the Yukuza.

Kung-Fu | 1981 | 2:02

After surviving the slaughter of many Christians 350 years ago, a samurai denounces God and sells his soul to Satan to receive the power to resurrect the dead to join him in a murderous rampage.

Kung-Fu | 1983 | 1:54

The fight scenes are the real gem in this story about a sheriff and his side kick who have spent years pursuiting a mysterious ”all white” killer.

Kung-Fu | 1977 | 1:24

Three years ago¸ a band of robbers took a treasure map and split it into 8 pieces¸ one for each member.

Kung-Fu | 1977 | 1:30

Two sisters are trained at Shaolin to avenge the death of their father by assassinating the cruel king.

Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:26

Lee Long is a martial-arts champion who the police use as an undercover agent to infiltrate a drug ring responsible for importing heroin from Japan to Hong Kong.

Kung-Fu | 1984 | 1:24

Fighter has soul of a dragon¸ heart of a lion¸ and the skill of a snake.¸ and nobody can beat him...

Kung-Fu | 1973 | 1:22

A martial arts expert named Chang Chen-Wai(”Michael”Chan Wai-Man) runs a jade-importing business with his brother Chang Fan.

kung-fu | 1973 | 1:33

Thailand gets wrecked when a young businessman and surly crime lord resort to negotiations with their fists and feet over a missing man.