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Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:30
Kung-Fu | 1971 | 1:10
Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:28

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Kung-Fu | 1983 | 2:16

Princess Shizu's family is wiped out by an family of undead seeking revenge. The eight samurai can save her, but who and where are they?

Kung-Fu | 1978 | 1:33

Spirit, teamwork, and well-honed martial arts techniques of nobles and warriors vanquish the forces of evil in lethal confrontations. The reaction of ancient martial arts battles will enthrall Kung Fu fans!

Kung-Fu | 1985 | 1:27

A couple camping in the woods is attacked by a trio of thugs and the wife is beaten and raped. A few months after the assault..

Kung-Fu | 1987 | 1:23

Tiger is the owner of a brothel who moonlights as a kung fu artist under the watchful eye of "Master." They run into serious trouble when ninjas inexplicably show up and jeopordize Tiger's prostitution ring.

Kung-Fu | 1988 | 1:24

Two trained ninja fighters take on a gang of thugs; a big city crime boss and his death and destruction.

Kung-Fu | 1986 | 1:32

Two brothers, Warren and David, try to defeat the evil forger who is making their lives a misery.

Kun-Fu | 1976 | 1:23

The story involves the military conquest of a peaceful island-nation by an evil despot and his sorcerer ally.

Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:28

Takuma ”Terry” Tsurugi returns. In this sequel¸ he sets out to bust up a phony charity put together by the Yukuza.

Kung-Fu | 1981 | 2:02

After surviving the slaughter of many Christians 350 years ago, a samurai denounces God and sells his soul to Satan to receive the power to resurrect the dead to join him in a murderous rampage.

Kung-Fu | 1983 | 1:54

The fight scenes are the real gem in this story about a sheriff and his side kick who have spent years pursuiting a mysterious ”all white” killer.