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Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:30
Kung-Fu | 1971 | 1:10
Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:28

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Kung-Fu | 1975 | 1:27

The movies tagline says it all - The Big Bad Black Dude of the Streets... He’ll bust you up¸ slam you down and blast you into pieces!

Kung-Fu | 1974 | 1:20

J.J.¸ a rising star in the black crime scene¸ is in the process of consolidating his power over the neighborhood...

Kung-Fu | 1979 | 1:34

A young wealthy villager is provoked to learn the art of Kung-Fu to help rid his village of a gang of bad guys that have taken over the village.

Kung-Fu | 1991 | 1:14

Michael, a Vietnam vet with two kids, pulls off a bank heist with his gang, which includes the bank's manager. To ensure the loyalty of everyone involved, Mike makes a special set of keys, so that the hiding place for the loot can only be opened if all the members are present.

Kung-Fu | 1976 | 1:35

Revenge + Kung Fu = Awesome!

Kung-Fu Horror | 1982 | 1:22

When a construction crew kills a large group of snakes while building a hotel, an ancient snake curse is cast on the building and all hell breaks loose.

Kung-Fu | 1975 | 1:30

Stuart Whitman is Shatter, an international hitman who is hiding out in Hong Kong after he has completed a contract out on an African leader.

Kung-Fu | 1982 | 1:22

Two circus performers are tasked with escorting relief in the form of gold bullion to a region hit by drought. On the way they are beset by countless bandits.

Kung-Fu | 1988 | 1.31

So incredibly awful it’s good. Evil meglamaniacs and armys of darkness set in the world of 1988.

Kung-Fu | 1971 | 1:10

The plot is thin¸ but the fighting is packed full of blood¸ guts and graceful war. One of the more beautifully shot early kung fu classics.