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Horror | 1962 | 1:24
Horror | 1972 | 1:22
Horror | 1972 | 1:28
Sci Fi / Comedy | 1987 | 1:31

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Horror | 1971 | 1:27

After Ellie is made an orphan by a hammer wielding maniac, she is sent to an orphanage run by sadist, and then things get worse...

Horror | 1972 | 1:22

A young husband’s sexual fantasies frighten his new wife and cause her to seek advice from Carmilla¸ a descendent of Mircalla de Karnstein. Carmilla seduces the young bride and forces her to commit gory acts of mutilation.

Horror | 1982 | 1:22

An adventurer hunting for treasure in Greece accidentally frees a monster that forces local villagers to sacrifice virgins.

Horror | 1985 | 1:21

A film crew and a band gather in a destitute mountain setting to film a rock video. It's cold, they're drunk and bad things are beginning to happen.

Horror | 1961 | 1:08

A group of teen-agers vacationing in the tropics take a boat out to a seemingly deserted island. Guess what, it's not deserted.

horror | 1944 | 1:11

It seems that an artist is connected to Bluebeard, a lady strangler loose in Paris.

Kung-Fu Horror | 1982 | 1:22

When a construction crew kills a large group of snakes while building a hotel, an ancient snake curse is cast on the building and all hell breaks loose.

Horror | 1962 | 1:24

The lone survivor of an accident is mysteriously drawn in by a shadowy figure at an abandoned carnival. Who is the mysterious Carnie? Did she really survive?

Horror | 1972 | 1:24

Young Cathy¸ along with her mom and dad¸ move into the home of her late grandfather who died in a horrible accident with his young daughter¸ Laura. While exploring the attic¸ Cathy finds Laura’s doll and then begins having strange paranormal episodes...

Horror | 1980 | 1:25

You’d better watch out! After a traumatic childhood experience with santa¸ harry becomes obsessed with punishing the naughty...