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Horror | 1962 | 1:24
Horror | 1972 | 1:22
Horror | 1972 | 1:28

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Horror | 1974 | 1:29

Abby is a sweet and innocent minister's wife who believes in God and all things good. But when she becomes possessed by Eshu, the Nigerian god of sexuality, things get a little wild and her father in law, an exorcist has to be called in to drive the evil spirit away.

Science Fiction | 1980 | 1:32

A space module lands back to Earth after a failed mission, but the astronauts have been replaced by hideous creatures that can penetrate into people's bodies and make them explode.

Horror | 1972 | 1:28

A young psychiatrist applying for a job in a mental asylum, is challenged to interview four inmates and finds himself drawn into their twisted stories.

scifi horror | 1963 | 1:27

Dr. Levin tries to save the beauty of a seductive singer using a special serum.

Horror | 1959 | 1:02

Hunters become the hunted as tales of giant leeches in the area begin to surface. After bodies begin piling up, authorities begin thinking their might be some truth behind the rumors.

Sci Fi / Comedy | 1987 | 1:31

Peter Jackson's first film. The epitome of a b movie¸ if the ”b” stands for bad acting¸ brutal camera work¸ bizarre humor and no budget. When aliens come to earth to supply their intergalactic fast food chain with human flesh¸ only a few bad¸ albeit pleasantly cheesy¸ actors stand in the way...

Horror | 1972

**WARNING** Ending theme song performed by Michael Jackson. A lonely boy named Danny Garrison befriends the rat that leads a swarm of trained/telepathic rats in a battle with the local townfolk and police.

Horror | 1974 | 1:49

A young pregnant woman is starting to have a hell of a time with her pregnancy. As in, the devil has possessed her, impregnated her and making normal maternity mood swings, seem like a piece of cake.

Horror | 1973 | 1:28

Love and revenge are powerful things¸ even if you’ve been dead for hundreds of years.

Horror | 1971 | 1:27

After Ellie is made an orphan by a hammer wielding maniac, she is sent to an orphanage run by sadist, and then things get worse...