bMovie links

Below are some of the best B movie sites the web has to offer. If you know of a site that is worthy of review, or you have a site and would like to swap a link, contact us and we’ll take a look.

Joe Bob Briggs
rating: b movie review master

I have to thank (or maybe curse) Joe Bob for being the first TV celebrity to turn me on to b movies. I was but a babe in the woods, struggling to stay up late on a saturday night, and there was the master, ready to warp my young sense of cinema. No one reviews drive-in low budgets with the same raw humor and brutal honesty as he does. All hail the master of b movie reviews.


Prescribed Film's YouTube Channel
rating: sick and funny

So these guys are a little nuts, but aren't we all. They've done a great job of reviewing a shlew of b movies, and rumor is, they've made a few themselves. Another rumor is that you can watch a few of their movies in b indies... Another rumor is that George Romero really digs these guys...
rating: fountain of knowledge

One of the best B Movie review sites out there. Jordan has reviewed more movies in the 10+ years he's been up, than I've seen in my whole life. A super nice guy and a great forum to boot.

Also check out his youtube channel:
rating: serious horror fans

Shrub does a nice job keeping his site fresh. He focuses on Horror Movies only. He always has the latest news in the industry and often gets some great interviews.
rating: King of Monkey Business

Nathan is a certified mad man. He suffers through the worst of the worst, to give you insight into the best of the... worst. If you like satirical smart ass sharp humor, then look no further than the one in a million monkey king.
rating: best B forum award

Here is one of the best and oldest bad movie review sites. Andrew has tons of great reviews, articles, interviews and a forum that deservingly rules the genre.
rating: classic B bonanza

Duane's site is one of the most thorough bmovies sites on the web, especially for fans of classic bmovies. It has tons of reviews, ratings, interviews and even some cool wallpapers.


Bargain Bin Review
rating: lords of the B bargain bin

How can you NOT trust a man with rabbit ears? Don't answer that. Read Nolahn, JD and friends' fun and indepth reviews of bottom of the bargain bin.


The Lightning Bug Lair

rating: bringing genre film to life champ

Question. Would you rather read great reviews of a ton of b movies and more, or get punched in the face by a girl? Thought so. After she's done, go check out this review site. LB has a ton of great reviews that will make you feel better about your busted lip.


Bad Movie Realm
rating: nonsensical rambling resource

Here is a site chopped full of satirical humor and bad movie insight. Derek's reviews tend to be hilarious and the more he bashes or praises a movie, the more I want to watch it.


Radiation Cinema
rating: atomic age powered

A site dedicated to the golden age of b movie goodness.


Big Bad Drive-In
rating: king of the drive-in

Chris reviews classic drive-in movies with insight, passion, humor and a level of class that revels daisy duke short shorts. Check it out, or die...

Anything Horror
rating: no limit to the horror

Here's a great site that talks about anything…and I mean anything horror. Scott has more knowledge about the horror genre in his severed little finger than most have in any of their bloody body parts. If you like horror, and I suspect you do, you should definitely check it out. But be forewarned, read at your own risk.


Freddy In Space
rating: Bloodiest Blog Award

One…two… Freddy's blogging something cool.


The Lost Highway
rating: best detour off the cinema freeway

LH is a great pitstop off the information highway. The post are clever, the bumper shop is fresh and the highway hotties are indeed hot, no question about it.


The Liberal Dead
rating: extreme left wing death machine

Any blog that follows a review of "Beavis and Butthead: Resurrected" with the 1941 all time classic "Citizen Kane" is something special. They have great interviews and comic reviews to boot.


Blood Sucking Geeks

rating: bloodiest b blog

Jonny Dead is not afraid to get his hands bloody or shoot straight from the hip. His insight into the gory side of cinema is bloody entertaining and razor sharp. Check it out, if you dare.



Awesome B Movies

rating: best shlew of b actors

What makes this site awesome, you ask? Well, basically, it's a site created, populated and managed by b movie actors. Who better to recommend the best b, then the guys on the front line?